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Experience the spa at home and give your skin the pampering it desires. Oya Nature'l exfoliating sugar scrub will leave your skin with a Silky Smooth feeling that will feel like butter to the touch. it needs. With its coarse cane sugar crystals, yet fine volcanic ash this scrub removes that excess layer of dead skin bathing alone could leave behind. Prefect for dry feet, hands, elbows, knees, the bikini area, belly's, thighs and you guessed it butts. 


For Best Results: Accompany this Sugar Scrub with one of Oya Nature'l Egyptian Gold Body Oil. Our Body Oil gives a great amount of moisture your skin needs without a greasy feel. Super hydrating, nourishing, healing and sealing.


                                 HONEY DEW SCENT

A juicy blend of ripe Watermelon, Cantaloupe and Honey Dew Melon. Tahitian Vanilla, Sweet Mango, Papaya and Rain drenched cool cucumber for an ultimate summer refresher.

Honey Dew Sugar Scrub

  • 16oz Jar

    17-18 Balls per jar

    Size: 1 1/4 

    Weight 0.6oz

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