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Our Story

The Journey

Natural Living meets a Luxurious Lifestyle

Control Hair Care is inspired by the community in which it serves. Our product is dedicated to Dry, Damaged, Unmanageable, Curly and Coily hair. We use the rawest, most effective, vegan, Non-toxic and environmentally safe ingredients with the Highest level of nourishing content. Making your hair  feel better than it’s ever felt before. Control Hair Care is a perfect match for anyone looking to add mega moisture, growth stimulation, scalp healing, manageability and overall healthy hair.

Control Hair Care launched in 2015 followed by Oya Nature'l in 2016 with the first creation of Mega Moisture Masque. This deep conditioner means a-lot to our founder Etosha, because she too struggled with finding hair care products that would be fully effective on her dry, brittle and unmanageable hair.  Etosha's journey started in her kitchen with a desire to create hair care products that would be effective on her mixed 4B-C hair type. Every product originally created was with full inspiration of Etosha's own hair. These unique

formulas have developed a powerful line of effective hair products including Twist and Shout Styler, Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil, Herbs N' Oil & Scalp Restoration Shampoo just to name a few. We want to give our Curl Friends the gift of healthy hair and skin along with gearing them with confidence and self-worth to tie it all in. Allow the beauty to glow from with in. 


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