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Transform your skin with African Black Soap, which not only evens out your complexion but also eliminates acne, unclogs pores, detoxify's and tightens skin. For a radiant and flawless finish apply a PH balanced toner and light moisturizer after each wash whether if you have oily, combo or dry skin. 


*Oily and Combo Skin: Recommended  to use daily and at night. Apply a toner, water-based moisturizing serum and a water and oil balanced moisturizer.*


**Dry Skin: Only use one to two times a week. Apply a toner, moisturizing serum and a medium to heavy moisturizer after each use**


***Not recommended for sensitive or sentitiazed skin***


African Soap Unscented Beauty Bar

  • Use this soap very sparingly for it is very concentrated. Pinch off a small piece of soap using warm water create a lather. Apply soap to face and body using your hand or a towel. Rinse with warm water, pat face dry or towel dry the body. For the face use a ph balanced toner and light moisturize after. 


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