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where Natural Living meets a Luxury Lifestyle.


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I've been Natural for 10 years and I can finally say I found products that caters to my hair type and texture. For a Perfect Twist Out my "Go To" is Twist & Shout Styler and I follow it up with Hawiian Kukut Nut Oil! I'm Forever a customer

Having hard water made my daughters hair brittle and stiff. I just randomly used Mega Moisture Masque and man was I Blown Away. After the first use I could tell a big difference in her hair. Even my husband mentioned how soft her hair was feeling  and how much more lively it was looking compared to how dry and dull it was before. 

Being a "product junkie" Ive always been in search for solid hair care products that would moisturize and soften my hair. Discovering Control Hair Care has been a blessing for my hair. This is truly the Best Hair Care line I've ever used. My hair hardly keeps curls until I started using these products. 

TiffanyAtlanta GA

Mrs. Faison, New York NY

Alexis, Tampa FL

Our Story

Our Story 

Where Natural Living meets a Luxurious Lifestyle 

The Universe purposefully gifted every herb, flower, root and oil at our finger tips so Wo/Man would never lack. We have taken the gifts given by the Universe and put them in our Hair Care & Skin Care Products. In our handcrafted vegan products we have carefully selected nature made, exotic and high quality ingredients that strongly suit 4C - 4B Hair types. Since launching in 2015 we have been dedicated and focused on gearing our Curl Friends with products that emphasize on Healthy hair, Beautiful skin and building Confidence with-in to complete the Trinity. Founder and CEO, Etosha Mone' Leone, has a Lifetime of experience with hair care products, healing herbs, flowers and extracts and self-care and higher consciousness   


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