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Moroccan Clay is the Finest of the Clay’s and has the most botanical benefits for rejuvenating your skin. Originating from Morocco, Africa this clay has a silky earthy texture high in naturally-occurring minerals of the earth, containing nutrients and trace elements. CleopatraSoap will rid excess oil, dirt, acne, black heads and toxins, while simultaneously exfoliating dead skin cells and improving the skin’s circulation. CleopatraSoap nourishes, purifies and tones the skin leaving it feeling youthful, revitalized the skin’s over all appearance and its brightness.

Dry, Sensitive and Mature Skin

  • Red  clay Soap will help skin conditions such as Rosacea from broken capillaries, sunburn, eczema and psoriasis. Rejuvenates dry, flaky, or mature skin tightening wrinkles, reduces sensitivity and improves the skin’s texture and elasticity. 

Red Clay Soap and Acne

  • Moroccan red clay has excellent astringent properties, which makes it suitable for acne-prone skin. It cleanses and exfoliates inflamed skin, detoxifies and improves blood circulation. The red clay reduces congestive pigmentation in problem areas where pimples previously formed, and improves the skin’s texture, making it feel snapped back and refresh.

Directions: Just a Cleanse Apply soap a wet face and neck. Next, with your hands or wash cloth moving in a circular motion message soap gently. Then rinse clean with warm water. Apply light moisturizer. Just a Mud Mask Apply a generous amount  soap a wet face and neck. Next, with your hands or wash cloth moving in a circular motion message soap gently. Allow soap to Dry. This may take 15-20 min depending on how much soap you’ve used. Then rinse clean with warm water. Lastly apply a light moisturizer. 


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Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil, Organic Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Organic Goats Milk, Moroccan Red Clay & Blend of Essential Oils

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